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From humble beginnings in East Los Angeles, Ron Acosta moved his family to Texas with an ambition in his heart and a love of good Mexican food in his belly. Equipped with recipes from his mother (Mama Ruth), hard work and perseverance from his father (Papa Jerry) the Family discovered their culinary niche. Merging a California flare with South Texas traditional cuisine.

Las Palapas was created in 1981.

Ron says “Wherever you’re from that’s usually your favorite food… Las Palapas is San Antonio born and raised!

Over 35 years later, Las Palapas is now blessed with 13 restaurants in the San Antonio area. The Acosta children, Aaron, Matthew, Joshua and Ashlyn join their dad in carrying on the Las Palapas tradition.

In 1991 corporate locations began to be closed on Sundays “For family and worship” “This wasn’t a business idea… It’s really about honoring God. By closing on Sundays, we can offer our employees a day off to be with family or friends. They had been so loyal, I just wanted to give back to them” says Ron.

Another way Ron and his late wife, Elssy, give back to the community, is by supporting local schools (scholarships) and churches. The Jireh Foundation was created by the Family in 1998, as a means of assisting widows and orphans who are in need.

“I know I didn’t get to this point all on my own … there were several people in my life who gave me a little push and encouragement (especially God) and it’s a privilege to give back to the community”.

Mission Statement

Las Palapas is a morally conscientious business which strives to provide great food at a great price while promoting family oriented, “over-the-top” service. Helping our employees flourish personally and professionally we transfer abundant growth to the community. “What you sow you shall reap.”

1961-64: Ron attends Garfield High in L.A. where he excels in Math and is voted “Most Likely to Accumulate Much Stock” (Las Palapas Stock!).

1980: Ron moves his family from L.A. to S.A. He opens a small Mexican Café.

1981: First Las Palapas opens. Our taste buds will never be the same.

1989: Second Las Palapas opens. Ron is forced to close the doors on the first day because the café is too crowded.

1998: The Jireh Foundation was created by the family as a means of assisting widows and orphans in their time of need.

2001: Las Palapas waitstaff is forced to work out due to the size of our “Macho Style” Texas-Size Burritos.

2010: In the midst of Elssy´s battle with ovarian cancer, the Hallelujah Foundation was founded to help others overcome their battle.

Current: Every Year, Las Palapas has Okie Burrito Eating Contests. It is a time of cheering, excitement and full tummies!

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